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So, for the past few weeks, we’ve been winding up this school year.

We’ve finished our tour of the 7 continents, and started learning about our Family Tree.
We’re starting the study of birds and fish (Day 5 in the creation process), and we happened upon a bird, a red bird, sitting on our clothes line.? We watched from inside the house, and I slowly reached for my camera.? Just as I had powered up the camera and position the camera – *poof* the bird disappeared!

An hour later, we saw another bird.? This one was, um, well, it looked like what I, a total greenie when it comes to birds, would call a blue jay.? Once again, I slowly reached for the camera, aim, and *poof* – gone again!? Now, is it just me, or does it seem that birds have such a strong sense of hearing that they can hear my oh-so-quiet camera power on???

When I look at my friend’s site, she has beautiful photos of birds in that natural-ness.? So, I must find out what her secrets are!!

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  1. I have feeders under my trees and I have my camera ready along with binoculars close by. I think my birds are used to us by the window. I open our blinds early in the morning and of course they all fly away when I do that but after that they come back to the feeders and as long as there is no sudden movement they wait around for me to take their pictures.

    By the way, if any of our friends want to see my blog they will have to ask to see it. I would love to add more to my list.

    I do love taking bird pictures and anything nature that we do. Glad you enjoy my pictures.

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