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RAOK – Random Act of Kindness

Crochetville is a cool, awesome place to hang out. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you feel welcome.

Yesterday, I received an item on my Wish List – 3 skeins of LIME Green Microspun! :yay:

I’ve never tried Microspun before, so this is an extra treat!
I had filled out my wish list back in May, and after a few weeks, I forgot about it.
I checked it after sometime in June, to update it, and now… woo hoo!

In other news, I added a few things to my WIM list.
I’m going to make hats and bags for my neices’ gifts.
I have one nephew, and I’m thinking on a bag to make him that won’t look girly.
He’s 3, and loves “Commando” stuff… so I’m thinking black and red… something! I’m not finding anything overly boy-ish so far.
The smoke from my ears is clearing, so I may have a new pattern to share.
I’ve already made one bag for my oldest neice (6), and may
use the same pattern for the other girls (two more, ages 5 and 2)

I started the baby blanket. :yay: I was putting it off, but I can’t imagine why. I’m using a diagonal design, which is pretty neat, and seems to work up fairly quickly.

I’m not finished with the scarf yet. πŸ™ I am still aiming to have it done by the time T returns, which I found out today is going to be Sunday morning!), so who knows, maybe I will!
Just have to keep remembering to take it with me when I’m riding somewhere.

Man, DH kinda lit into me today. We were getting ready to head out for dinner, and I ran to grab my bag. He says, “We’re just going up to the Chinese place. Do you have to bring that everytime?” 😯
Is he serious??? of course, I have to bring it! Everyday is a crochet day! Have hook, will travel!

In his defense, I have a tendency to always be at the last few stitched of a row or round when we park, and I hate to stop there, so I make (ask… πŸ™„ ) him to wait until I finish.
Well, today, to show how great of a sport I am, I put my OCD-like habit to the side and I hurried out as soon as he parked! πŸ˜‰

Mind control!!! In a few weeks, it’ll be back to normal, and life will go on! πŸ˜€

your thoughts?