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I’m so excited to kick off the first official WW!

After receiving my first comment to the post about Watchtower Wednesday, I realized (QUICKLY) that that may be too restrictive.? To only use Watchtower magazines?? When the Awake! magazine is extremely resourceful, too!? AND… the awesome publications that are at our disposal…

So, with ALL that being said, I think I’ll change the name to On the Watch Wednesdays!? It’s more fitting, I think.? I’m open to name suggestions, BTW. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, this week, for our Bible study, we’ve been discussing why we don’t celebrate certain holidays.

I took ideas from 2 friends – one who compiled a lapbook kit about this, and another, who compiled information about Halloween.

Monday, we discussed why we don’t celebrate birthdays, and used the two scriptures pointing out the only two instances in the Bible where there was a celebration, who those people were, and how they celebrated this particular occasion (gruesome!)

  • Pharaoh of Egypt – Gen. 40:18-22
  • Herod & Herodias- Mark 6:21-24

Today (Tuesday), we discussed the origins of the Thanksgiving Holiday.? It made for an interesting read!

Our study for WW, is an article entitled Ancient Night of Terror from Nov. 22, 1993 Awake!

There are a list of questions that I’ve printed out for the children to answer as we read the article together.

We’re going to finish out the week discussing a Bible Story from the MBBS. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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