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Yay – twice in a row, I remembered to post on WIP day!

Here’s what’s goin’ on with me:

I’m currently piecing together a comfortghan for a friend who lost her baby at 3 months. I had friends (those who didn’t even know *my* friend) contribute squares for this, and I can’t thank them enough!

I’ve never worked w/ piecing squares together, so it’s a learning experience, I must say! I hope to have it finished before next WIP day! 😀

I finished the first hat for my aunt. It came out so soft w/ the Bernat softee yarn! I used 2 strands and it didn’t feel bulky – more like a very soft worsted weight. I have another color that I’ll make the next one with.

I’ve yet to start on the halter skirt top I bought the pattern for. I haven’t been to a yarn store in a while. I was hoping to burn up my stash a bit before going, but I just don’t have the yarn necessary for those halters! Guess I’ll have to drag myself over there this weekend. 😉

I have finished my spring swap gift. I’m sending a few homemade items, in conjunction to the crocheted items. I sure hope she likes it!

On a side note, I wanted to point out a new link I have on my blog.
I found this site while visiting Crochetville. I now know of 2 guys that crochet! How awesome is that?

I want to show this to my son. He’s said he wants to knit, but hasn’t picked up his knitting needles in a while. I think he only shows interest in them when he’s grounded from his electronic hobbies. *sigh*
I would, of course, be over the moon, if he picked up a crochet hook!
Anyway, take a look at Drew’s site. He’s got awesome talent!

your thoughts?