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doing what Jackie does

WIP it!

Popping in to show off this week’s Works in Progress!

This is roughly 33% complete.

Not sure what % this is complete. It’s coming along nicely, tho.

Last, but not least, my diagonal baby blanket for my friend.
It uses 12 oz of yarn, and I’m guessing this is about 10% complete.

I made a kerchief for my father’s daughter today. She really seems to like it. I’ve also decided on what to make for her gift, so I’ll be adding that to my Project Watch list.
I picked up the yarn for it today. I actually got a skein of Frenzy for only $2. It was the last ball in the store!

Oh – and a note to my fellow Red Heart Super Saver lovers out there. I’ve noticed that the new colors are coming out in smaller sizes!!! The variegateds are now 5 ozs, and the solids are only 7 ozs!
Same price, too! :pissed:

your thoughts?