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You know, when your car starts making a noise that you can’t identify with a word – you actually have to sound it out… yanno, like, “It’s making a “Swigga Swigga Clink Clink” noise when I turn the blinker on.”

Well, it seems that the day after I posted about dyslexia being a possibility in my daughter, she turned around and read 3 books!? She read them aloud, to all who would listen, and she read them… perfectly! I’m excited… and a bit embarrassed, too.
I guess there was something in her that just clicked! and she gets it now…

I’m very proud of her.? In the past few days, she’s read 5 books, with plans lined up for the next 4 books!

I’ve had her start posting her book reports (which are just simply “I liked it/I didn’t like it”), but she’s super excited about being able to post those.

I’m still keeping my eye out, but for now, I’m breathing a bit easier.

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  1. Well, I’m glad to hear that she got it. That is great. We always worry when it comes to our children and it’s good to be on our toes to help them out. Glad she is reading.

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