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T is officially crocheting! Yup yup – he made two practice squares that we’ve lovingly dubbed, “Thing One” & “Thing Two” 😆


He’s working on a simple single crochet scarf. He’s so proud, as am I! I think he’s really got the bug!
Now, soon, he’ll have to have his own yarn stash! cuz mommy don’t share! 😆

Also, on this day of miracles, I crocheted something for me! That’s right… I made something for me! And, as if that weren’t enough – I made a pair of slippers!!!
Want the pattern?

Two… one, two! I have always had issues with making two of anything that have to match!

J joked that the first one looked great, but I’ll probably mess up horribly on the second one. And, sure enough, I had to frog the second one twice! Ugh –
I finally finished it, but I can feel a difference in one side that I don’t in the other, but I’m still proud of my accomplishment… making *2* slippers in the same day… for ME!!! 😀

Oh, and last but not least – square #6 is done! YAY!!!!

Click to view larger image of Square #6
Click to view larger image

That is the 1/2 way mark!!
I skipped over mine, cuz I haven’t found inspiration yet. But that’s ok. I think I know which one I’ll do for me.

your thoughts?