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Twaddle.? That’s a fun word to say. Twahhhhh dulll!

Ok, I think I’m ok, now.? Anyway, I have a question about twaddle (giggle).
I know there are some books that wreak Twaddle without having to give too much thought to it.? But there are these books – Great Illustrated Classics.? Yanno, abridged versions of true classic stories.

Are those twaddle?? My youngest just finished reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Great Illustrated Classics edition).? She enjoyed it.? She read it within 5 days time.? She wants to read the Huckleberry Finn one now.

In the loooooooong run, I’m not sure I am overly concerned as to whether it’s twaddle (smile) or not, because, well, she’s SIX and read a 15+ chapter book within 5 days!? Is it possible that some books are unfairly labeled as twaddle?


your thoughts?