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For the month of December, I decided to allow the kids to do ‘Paint by Numbers’. They each chose their own picture to do, and were really excited to start.

My son ended up painting TWO because he enjoyed it so much. The girls’ interest waned, though.

I enjoyed watching #1 Son’s true LOVE for this ‘new’ medium.? He quickly asked about getting another kit, so I see there is real interest there.

I was concerned that this isn’t considered “art”.? I think it is… just like crocheting, sewing and knitting are art, only a different medium.? I searched Amazon and found that there are even paint by numbers kits for famous paintings, like this one. (It’s Degas’ “Woman Bathing”, so you may wish to censor).

Anyway, I have seen that the kids had to pay close attention to the finished picture to make sure they were using the right colors, so I can see how it can develop a deeper love of fine artwork & paintings.

I could just simply be rambling, though.

your thoughts?