just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

Gotta love ’80s music!!

Anyway – I’ve been away for a week. Shame, shame!

But, I’ve been busy!!!
I’m getting together items for my first Arts & Crafts show! :yay:

I’m very excited! I’ve been making wrist bags for the show.
Here’s a few:

They work up so fast!

Aside from that, I’ve been cranking out dishcloths for the In Hot Water dishcloth swap, squares for the Blue Squares, Too swap, and gifts for my Autumn Secret Pal!

Did I mention that I’ve finally decided on a gift to make for my Step-mother??? She fell in love with the Renaissance Homespun I was working with a few months back, so I’ve decided to make her a scarf with it! I’m thinking a matching hat, too, but I’ll just start with the scarf and see where inspiration leads me!

Today, I am on the hunt for the new Family Circle Easy Crochet magazine!
There was much buzz about it at Crochetville yesterday, and although it wasn’t supposed to be on stands until Aug 23, there are quite a few places that seem to already have it out!
I’m going to check Michaels and Books-A-Million. My LYS (yes, I have one – did I tell y’all?!! – oh, I’ll come back to that), mainly caters to knitters, *@@*, so I doubt it’ll be there, and Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays. — SHEESH! You’d think they could make an exception just this once!! :rofl:

Anyway, my LYS. Apparently, it’s been here for over 30 years (insert jackass sound here).
They’re only open a few days a week, so getting over there is going to be challenging, but I did go about 2 weeks ago.
I walked in, and I really believe I heard angels singing! 😆
It was just wall-to-wall yarn! Yarn of all kinds – kinds I’ve never seen or heard of before.

There wasn’t a Lion Brand, Red Heart, Caron or Bernat in site!
No Sugar & Cream, no Peaches & Creme… it was all new-to-me names!

There were 3 women in there, sitting and knitting (tee hee).
I know the look on my face was like seeing a mountain of gold in front of my, and one lady smiled, and said ‘First time here, huh?’
Guess the drool made it obvious.
She showed me all kinds of yarns. I touched, gropped, fondled all kinds of everything! I saw a ball winder for the first time!
Gosh, I was in HEAVEN!
I stayed there about 45 minutes, and only had a few $$ to spend.
I did buy some heavy weight cotton yarn (which I used to make this),
and a wooden “N” hook.
The hook had been in there so long, that it had dust on it, and it was only… $2.50!!!!!!! The ladies snickered when I asked about the price, since the knitting stuff was all new, and had the ‘new’ prices to match. Guess crochet just ain’t ‘hip’ here… shucky darn.

Anyway, I got some cotton blend variegated yarn, too. Verrrrry pretty. The colors remind me of RH’s Ocean, but muted.
Can’t recall the brands of anything right now, but it was the most $$
I’ve spent on 3 skeins of yarn! 😥 … and everything I bought was on clearance, except that FULL priced wooden hook, :rofl:

So, my LYS visits will be few and far between, but I’m glad I have one, and that I went.

your thoughts?