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I haven’t posted since early Saturday morning!

Well, the shower was Saturday afternoon, and I had a blast.
My friend Becky has a SIL who crochets! How cool is that?

Anyway, Becky loved the baby blanket!!! She told everyone the story of the first “blanket” I made for her first baby. :rofl:
It was so neat, because she decribed the original one and how soft it was, but that it was about 20″ wide, and 15″ tall on one end, and about 8″ tall on the other end! It was horrendous, but it was super soft and she used it for swaddling.
So, she told this story before lifting the new one out of the bag.
She smiled and said, “You’ve come a lonnnnnnnng way!” 😆

Everyone ooo’d and ahh’d. I also made her some lavender and oatmeal milk bath, which everyone also oo’d and ah’d over, cuz it smelled so delicious!

T made a baby hat with Simply Soft. He whipped it out in less than an hour. My friend really liked that too!
Those were the only handmade items she received, so it made me feel really special.

Now – I’ve contacted our local Arts & Crafts guild for information about doing a craft show. There’s one set for mid-November, and T and I are going to work our fingers to the bone to see if we can get enough things made to get a booth! :yay:
This will be our first show, and I’m nervous, but DH has been quite helpful with input on what he thinks would sell.
I’ve sold hats and things around here, just by people seeing my girls wearing them.
I’m thinking about making ponchos, since they still seem to be ‘in’ here, but I dunno.

Ah – it’s WIP Wednesday!!!!
So here’s what’s on the hooks today:

  1. dishcloths for the ‘In Hot Water’ dishcloth swap – 1 done, 4 to go
  2. squares for the ‘Blue Squares, too” swap – 16 done, 20 to go
  3. hats for the crafts show – 30 to go!
  4. Daddy’s ghan… still!
  5. shrug for E – have to finish the edging

I finally made a purse for E! It’s a wristbag that I made that is similar to Dot’s Ditty Bag, but I used Hdc instead of SC, and added a flower.
She loves it!!

your thoughts?