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It’s sad to say that it’s been about 6 months since my last post.

Truth be told, that’s about how long it’s been since I picked up my hooks! 🙁

I did whip up a few dishcloths a few weeks ago, and a few pads for my Swiffer, since I *loathe* the idea of using something once, and throwing it away!

The pattern was super simple!

Anyway, I went through my old patterns again, to find something to inspire me, and picked up a tank top pattern for girls. It was in an ’80s magazine, but everything old is new again 😉

Crochet Fantasy June 1988
I had some Cotton Ease in my stash that was begging to be used, so I began working on a top for my youngest. The pattern makes the neck line sorta boxy, so I’m going to use the edgings from the Glittering Gold Top pattern in the 24-hour Crochet Projects book, on page 60.

The pattern whips up fairly quickly – if I can avoid my own internal distractions. Mainly, my distractions are:

Hmm – is this the best pattern I have on hand?
Hmm – do I have a pattern like this in a bigger size?
What other patterns do I have?
How long will it be before I finish this, so I can really get to making something else?
Is this lop-sided?
Does it fit right?
Can I alter this pattern without screwing it up?

… see what I mean?

So, here’s to finishing this tank top, (complete with beautiful edging), so I can make one for my other DD – and then something for ME!

Speaking of something for me, the pattern on the front of that 80s magazine is really calling to me!
Now, before you start thinking, “she’s-out-of-her-mind, how-80s-can-you-be?”, follow me… The shape of the top is what I like – not the big circle thingies. So… if I simply crochet it in one solid color, then maybe alter the neckline a bit, wouldn’t it be divine? Wouldn’t it?

I’m determined to give it a shot! I have to, otherwise I’ll never know!
Stay tuned, Buffet-ers!

your thoughts?