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For the past few weeks, it’s felt like everything I touch, relating to yarn, was turning to carp!

I went to Hobby Lobby the other day, bound and determined to make something for myself!
I think I was hit with severe sticker shock! I can’t remember the last time I had gone ‘general’ yarn shopping.
6 skeins of Dark Country Blue I Love This Yarn later – I left. I didn’t get that ‘ooh, feels good all over’ feeling that one should get after yarn shopping.

I returned two days later, hoping that I’d feel better. Alas, this time, after Hobby Lobby AND Michaels, not only did I leave with out that yummy sensation, I left, *gulp*, empty-handed!

So, yesterday, I decided to take my stash, remove them from the 4 huge storage containers that they’ve been in for YEARS, and put them on shelves. Just like they do at yarn shops.
Well, this was exciting (and tedious, btw).
I can actually *see* what I have.

My Stash
My Stash

I’m very happy with this method of stashing.
I do hope to use more of my stash before hitting the store again.

DISCLAIMER: This only pertains to purchasing regular priced, always available yarn. If, IF any non-novelty yarn goes on sale, or better yet, CLEARANCE, the stash WILL grow!

your thoughts?