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I can NOT knit!? I repeat, I Can not KNIT!!

But don’t feel badly – honestly.? I wanted to learn, and I put it on my 2006 Goals list – I learned.? I can do Cast-on, the Knit Stitch,? The Purl Stitch, and Cast-off – so if I ever had a situation in which I had to knit to save my life, I could.? (I feel an extreme knitting/survivor show being hatched as I type! lol)

I frogged the horrible bag I made, to make something smaller – a cabbage patch Kid top.? Well, the front looks GREAT!? The back looks GREAT – put them together, and they look like Crap!? Pure D Crap.? :*(? My DD, who was the mommy of the recipient said she loved it, and that it was ‘ok’ that I messed up on it. (beam!)

At any rate, I’ll be hanging up my needles for a while.? Which is fine, since I have a gagillion things on my crochet WIM list – LOL

Pictures are coming – I promise!!!

One thought on “I Crochet, therefore I am!

  1. I have tried to learn to knit over and over again. I could knit to save my life, yes, just like you, but you wouldn’t want to own what I have made. LOL


    Well, it really does my heart good to know that I’m not the only one!? We’re just born crocheters, and that’s just A-OK!

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