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I’d forgotten what I started felting for… – OK, my apologies for injuring the awesome REO Speedwagon song! :blush:

I think I’m in love with Cache yarn! I found it on CLEARANCE at Michaels this past weekend. First, I was attracted to it’s amazing price ($1), then the colors. Imagine my surprise to learn that the yarn is 75% wool! I grabbed a few skeins, raced home and started on a bag! It took almost 4 full skeins and it’s pre-felted size was 15″ wide x 9.5″ tall (without handles) After felting, it measures about 12.5″ wide and 8.25″ tall (without handles)

I’ll post pics soon – I couldn’t wait to start using it!

I’ve started a bag for my youngest DD already!

5 thoughts on “I can't fight this felting anymore…

  1. Hi, how are you?? So the crocheting continues!?! What is felting? I guess i could look it up, ive heard of it but dont know what it is.
    Ive started a darling poncho for my daughter, and after that ill do a matching hat. Ive been crocheting like crazy but havent had the oomf to upload my pics..Your doing a lovely job tho!

  2. Hey Jackie ~ sorry its been so long since I have emailed ya! I hope all is well.
    I read you were homeschooling….so what grades? I am doing a “sort of” preschool with my youngest and my oldest is in 3rd. For his stuff I am using Hougton Mifflin books.
    I LOVE wool! I want to get into crocheting / knitting , which I did dabble in years ago, but I have WAY to much on my plate right now. So I will just have to sit back and admire your work for now! =)))
    Love the new blog look … and “All Fiber, No Fat!” that’s TOO funny! I love it!
    Well glad to see ya around and sorry about not being in touch, life has a way of being to demanding.
    Take care ~ Jessica

  3. Hey Jackie ~ its me again. Hope you are feeling well. Staying busy with homeschooling I am sure. =)
    Just wanted to *indroduce* you to a sister from Nebraska who shares your crocheting interest. She keeps an online “shop” at Etsy.

    Thought you might like her links…..
    Her Shop Blog

    Her Etsy Shop

    I can’t wait till we can visit down south so we can meet up again! Well TTFN ~ Jessica

  4. Hi there Jackie, I found you through Jessica and Sharon’s blog. 🙂 I’m a married 30-yr-old sis from the east coast of Canada, and I’m enjoying your blog immensely! You seem like a very creative sister – your work is lovely.

    My favourite pastimes are soapmaking (cold-process) and bookbinding (handbound leather journals & blankbooks). Are you selling on Etsy? If so, please let me know your site so I can add you to my faves. And in the meantime, might I add a link to your site on my blogs?


    SHOP BLOG ~ lapaperie.wordpress.com
    SHOP~ lapaperie.etsy.com
    MAIN BLOG ~ http://www.bookyeti.com/wp (password protected – let me know if you’d like it)

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