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I did all that rambling about our schedule for this year, that I overlooked the most important one -Spiritual!

So, with egg on my face, I announce our schedule for Spiritual learning (not counting our 5 weekly meetings)

> Mondays – Jesus’ Family Tree (we started with the January Awake 2 weeks ago, and are playing catchup to the October Awake) – Everyone enjoys having to look up the scriptures to answer the questions!

> Tuesdays – weekly Bible Reading and TMS for Kids worksheet

> Wednesdays – T is Auxiliary Pioneering for the next 3 months, so this is his service day. The girls and I consider an Awake or Watchtower article for children.

> Thursdays – Live with Jehovah’s Day in Mind

> Fridays – We go out in Field Service. I have a Bible Study, and the children accompany me on the study.
Saturdays & Sundays: Field Service & Meetings.

Ok -I think that covers it.

After my post on our schedule, I had to make some changes (yeah, who didn’t see that coming!?)
First – T’s physical science – it was too boring for him. I decided I’m going to do a mix of textbook and Unit Studies, with Lapbooking & Notebooking thrown into the mix. Basically – Physical Science Gumbo!

Secondly – I’ve taken Explode the Code completely out of the equation for the time being.

Thirdly – I just found this site, Live Mocha, for foreign language. It’s now been added to our resources for German!

And, even though I had purchased Homeschool Tracker Plus last year, thanks to my friend, Sister Biscuit (not her real name, but she knows who she is *wink*), I’m finally able to use it!!!

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