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Man oh man!!!

I’m ok (weather-wise).
We didn’t get so much as a DROP of rain from Katrina, but
we’re getting hit with the influx of evacuees!!!!!!
Traffic is horrendous! Everything seems to be packed!

I went to the Library today and there were a few folks in there
logging online to check the conditions and check on family.
They were in tears reading whatever they were reading.
They just CAN’T go Home! I hate that feeling!!

During Hurricane Lili (2002), we lost power for almost a week, and
had to stay in hotels. We were fortunate enough to find places local,
but the feeling of not being home was just awful!!!

I’ve been watching footage on TV and it breaks my heart when they
show the looters! (Is that in anyone else’s nature:
hmm – I have no home, no one else does, so let’s go steal stuff from
Walmart? *grr*)

Anyway – they just opened up the Coliseum as a shelter because there
are a TON of folks who’ve been living in their cars cuz all the hotels up
to Shreveport are booked!!!!

I feel helpless! I’ve only ever felt this way once before, and that was on
Sept. 11 –
I pray (which I don’t do everyday) that New Orleans can be saved!
Everyone feared that the hurricane itself was “The Big One” that would
wash N.O. away, but that wasn’t the case.
The levees and all systems that are used to keep NO dry are just not
strong enough to hold back all the rising waters!!!!
If they can’t contain the water – New Orleans will be GONE! No more!
I heard a newsperson say “change the geography of the state forever!”

I’m in tears thinking about this.
They’ve (local school board) gone so far as to open Temporary schooling
for the evacuee kids! It seems that it’ll take up to 2 months for power to be completely restored – to whatever is left! 😥

The state needs blood!

I’ve never asked anything like this before:
If anyone has any non-perishables that they’re not using – please find a way to donate them to our state!
Are there any places accepting donations of food or blood in your area?

American Red Cross1-800-Help-Now

your thoughts?