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Today I’m feeling quite chatty!
Anyway, how to aggravate a teenager…
Ask him to make origami newspaper seed pots!

Boy-oh-boy – that turned out to be his toughest assignment yet!
You should’ve seen him… fold here, fold there, unfold, no wait, fold again… fold up, down and then to the left… Man oh man!! (can you hear me snickering?)
Finally, he threw his hands in the air and said “Snap! (that’s his word for extreme disgust) Mom, I can’t do this!”

This was really his only ‘assignment’ this week was to fold these pots for our garden, so I couldn’t let him not make pots.

Enter Google! I love Google!? So, I found this site called Little House in the Suburbs. They not only had a much simpler how-to on making newspaper pots, they’ve even gotten classier with them, by putting them in six-packs – just like the for-real kinds!

So, I cautiously inform Number-One Son about my newest discovery.? As you can imagine, it was met with much reservation and hesitation… but he ventured to this site.? I left him alone. (Ecc. 3:7)

A few moments later, he emerged with 2 newspaper pots!
He had succeeded!? He’s still at it as I type!

I think we can say that it’s so easy, a teenager can do it!

your thoughts?