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I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this before, but here it is now.

One day, during the summer break, the girls and I were in the “Mommy Store” – aka The Dollar Tree.? I love this store!!!? I have purchased something from every aisle in the store, and still leave wanting more.? It’s my first stop when looking for things to use in school.

I digress.

Anyway, on this particular trip, I was looking for liquid hand soap. So, I went to work, comparing sizes, fragrances, sizes…

The girls were getting antsy, because, well, comparing sizes and fragrances can go into minutes of waiting! :-)? Anyway, I put them to work.

I said “Ok, ladies.? All of this soap is $1, but I want to get the most for that dollar, so which one should we buy?”? They first looked at bottle size, without reading the fluid ounces.? I then pointed out that fluid ounces is the best way to figure out the most for your money, so they were then searching for the bottle with the most fluid ounces.

BTW, I wasn’t thinking “Hey, here’s a math moment”.? I was thinking “Ok, the girls are starting to stand on my nerves, so I need to include them in this process!

All the while, a woman standing nearby was watching all of this activity.? Once the girls and I agreed on the 17.5 oz bottle of liquid hand soap, the lady said, “You know, if more parents did what you’re doing, it would make my job a lot easier! I’m a teacher, and you’d be surprised at how hard it is to get many kids to understand this.”? I gave my polite smile, thanked her for her statement, and we parted ways.? I was, however, left with this nagging thought in my mind… “If more people did what I was doing, she’d be out of a job, right?!”

I said all that to say this: Isn’t it nice when people, who would normally turn their nose up to you when you say you homeschool, to compliment you when they see your schooling in action?

OH and I just realized that the project of choosing the biggest bang for my literal buck is Living Math!

I love when I don’t know that what I’m doing is actually called something! 😀

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