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Here are the photos I promised!

edit-032508-046.jpgThis is the patch of garden that was divided up for the kids. I took an 8×8 area, and divided it up into four 4×4 sections. Inside of those sections, the kids are each growing 4-5 different vegetables. The fourth section is for me to plant our experimental items – herbs, muskmelon, squash & zucchini.? This concept is awesome, and comes from the book Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew.? The all new version of the book is a wee bit better than the original, but both are super, so whichever you can get your hands on… Run, don’t walk down to your local library or bookstore!

edit-032508-045.jpg Here is T working on his section. He’s planted tomatoes, eggplant, watermelon and green beans.

img_0256.JPG Here is R weeding her garden – she’s planted tomatoes, carrots, green beans and radishes.

img_0262.JPG E stands and observes her garden – perhaps she wants to plant more than just her tomatoes, green beans, radishes and carrots!?!

Yes, the girls both planted the same things, but that’s because if one has something, the other has to have the same thing!

your thoughts?