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Welp, my yarn has arrived!!!!!!
Weeeeee doggie!
It wasn’t as much as I thought, as far as amount, but it is still an impressive sight to see! 😀

I think I’ll be able to get those afghans made with all this!!!

I even gave some to my son, who is visiting TX for a few weeks 😥
He’ll be happy to see it when he returns.

Call me crazy, but I really like the brown ombre! I’ve got roughly 50 oz of it! I have never had so much of ONE print/color… ever!

:think: I think a ripple ghan would look good in that.

Sigh- as you see from the countdown up there to the right, I’m yarn dieting from 1 July to 1 August.
31 days of yarn celibacy! 😮
While fasting, I can only use what is already here, and thank goodness for today’s (30 June) arrival!

Isn’t that always the way? Binge the night before! :rofl:
I suddenly have an urge to run out to Walmart to check for more clearance yarn!

It’s gonna be a lonnnnnnng month!

Hey looky here:

How to make a Crochet Buffet
5 parts mercy
3 parts ambition
1 part joy
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little lovability if desired!


your thoughts?