just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

Well, I’m feeling just like Charlie Brown right now.

I worked feverishly last weekend to whip up a wide and warm scarf for me to wear out in service because it’s been unbearably cold the last week or so…

Well, yesterday, I would say the temperature was about 60 degrees!? So, now I have an awesomely warm scarf, (I used the Walmart no-bo yarn – super-de-dooper soft!), that I may not even get to wear until next winter!? 😥

No fair!? Well… Louisiana is known for it’s unpredictable weather, and a friend assured me that it will be that cold again before Spring, so we’ll see!

On to a new WIM product – fingerless gloves.? I was eyeballing the set my friend from our congregation was wearing, and, while I still wonder how they could be warm, I’m going to try making a pair.? Maybe I’ll try a pair for E first.

your thoughts?