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veg-gardenThis year, the King of the Posse and I decided to build a drip irrigation system for the vegetable garden!

Yay!!!? I found the instructions here, and I just couldn’t contain my excitement.

The Posse and I went off to Lowe’s yesterday to procure the necessaries.

Let me just stop and say this: It seems that people who work for Lowe’s don’t really enjoy their job!? I mean when you find someone who works in the department you’re actually in, they seem as if to say, “Hey, you’re bothering me!”

Anyway, not knowing a whole lot about PVC pipe, I grabbed the first ones I could find that were the correct measurement, and so forth.? Number 1 Son helped get the fittings, cleaner and glue.? All in all, I think I had about $30 worth of stuff.? I thought I was doing good.

After the Lowe’s employee made his great escape, I soon found myself in need of help… again.? I turned to get help, and there was a kindly gentleman looking at something PVC related, so I figured he must know something.

Long story shorter, he informed me that the PVC pipe I had was the very expensive kind, and it wasn’t necessary for a drip irrigation system.

Grr…? I guess I should back up and mention that I had asked the employee if the pipe I was holding was what I needed, or could I use the less expensive ones.? Again, because he must’ve been late for a job interview or something, he just gave me a pat-on-the-head type answer, “Uh, you need this kind because the other will crack and stuff.”

Well, my new buddy, Mr. Helpful Farmer Guy, explained that, since the pipes would be buried, and only carry cold water, PVC was fine.? He even helped us get the fittings (the cold water pipes fittings are bigger than the hot/cold water pipes that we had originally).

I never saw Mr. Lowe’s Employee the rest of our time in the store, but as we were leaving, Mr. Helpful Farmer Guy waved good-bye to us, and reminded me to plant my vegetables!

If our first attempt works out well, we’ll be adding a drip irrigation to the flower beds that are in front of our house as well.

~Jackie :-)

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  1. It drives me crazy when I need help and I have to go searching and searching and sometimes wait in a long line of people wanting to ask questions for them to tell me, it’s over there. Then when I go there it’s not there. I totally understand how that goes. Can’t wait to hear how your new plans turn out.

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