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Whew, I didn’t realize it had been over a month since my last entry!

I’ll try to catch everyone up:

The end of last month, I caught the flu.? DH was also off of work (he’s a school teacher, and it was fall break).
It almost always takes me a while to get back into the swing after a break, so that, coupled with recuperating from sickness – well, it spelled disaster!

This week, DS is supposed to go camping with some friends, so he’s had an abbreviated school schedule.? Plus, DH will be off for the next two weeks, so…

We’ve been doing well, though.

I’ve been taking pictures more often these past few weeks.? We actually took family pictures Sunday, right after the meeting, so we at least looked decent! 😉

They didn’t turn out as great as I think they could have, but, I am not complaining!

We’ve had a surprise curriculum recently – my youngest girls have asked to learn to crochet.? So, I sat down with each one of them separately, and now, they can both do crochet chains.? Funny thing about crocheted chains.? If left with a full skein of yarn, my house would have a winter coat made exclusively of crocheted yarn chains!
It’s been a lot like living with Rapunzel these past few days!? I’ve asked if they’d like learn the next stitch, (single crochet), so that they could actually make SOMETHING – well, I guess that’s another art lesson!

My son already knows how to crochet.? He’s a crocheting fool – just like his mom!? DH is the odd-man-out.? Secretly, I think he prefers it that way, since he’s odd and all…

I’ve gotten a burst of mental energy for school – we’re going to learn about how animals handle winter.

It started off with Hibernation, but when I started researching, I learned that hibernation is just ONE thing, and it only applies to a handful of animals!

So, in case you’re curious:

Some animals hibernate (some deeper than others, too)
Some animals migrate (Reindeer, for one.? Which made me ask, “If reindeer migrate to warmer climates in winter, how could they pull around a jolly fat man’s sleigh around the world in one night?”)
Some animals stay where they are, but go into hiding – like ants.
Some animals change color or fur thickness – this is so neat – I’m planning on using the article on the Arctic fox from a recent magazine.

The girls chose one animal that falls into each category, so we’re going to learn about:
Bats (hibernators); Whales (migrates); Beavers (stay-and-hiders); and Foxes (color changers).
This should prove to be an interesting study.

And this brought me to a new, old find.? I’ve been getting newsletters from school-express for, like ever.? But yesterday, I happened to click a link in an email, and found a plethora of beautiful information!? Units on some of the very things we have studied or will soon study!? Free.? Did you catch that? FREE! Now, how I managed to overlook this resource – I have no excuse, rhyme or reason!? I downloaded all the pdf files from each category, and have already begun using the one on Bats!
If you haven’t been there, go!? If you’re like me, and rediscovering this resource, take your time, and peruse the yummies to be had!? It may just bring a smile to your face, and a burst of inspiration to your mind!

School Express
School Express

I’d really like to get the kids into nature more.? The weather here is not conducive to much, in my opinion.? Right now, it’s grey, wet, cold, and dreary.? I’d love to take nature walks.? Our neighborhood is a big 1/4 mile circle, so I think it would give us enough nature to walk through.? But when May – September roll around, it’s like living on the sun here. I love the idea of Nature Journals, but I’m not 100% sure on how they’re to be used.

I would like to get some ideas on various outside activities that can be incorporated into our school days.

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  1. Ok, i’m seriously jealous of the way you redesigned your blog. It looks great!!!! I think your winter school plans sound swell. ;D Have fun and keep us updated with animal facts.

  2. Sickness is going around but glad you all are getting back into a schedule. Looks like a lot has been going on. Love your animal research idea. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

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