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So, after a 3 month break from official sit-down school, Monday starts our new school year.

This last week is always the proverbial ‘chicken with its head cut off’ time for me.

I’m trying to make sure I have everything, when I know that all I really need is the first week’s worth.? I’ll stress, and sweat, and scream and lie awake trying to track down that elusive game, or ponder over 1,000 different curriculum parts and pieces, and end up not needing it anyway.


The other day, I couldn’t remember how to write a lesson plan!?!!!? A lesson plan! Who does that?

My mind is clearing a bit, and I have come up with week one!

I’ve been perusing Harmony Art’s site for ideas, and I’m quite impressed.? I love Homeschool Blog Hopping – it’s like a curriculum fair that I don’t run the risk of spending tons of cash!

Anyway, I felt I needed a refresher for how our routine has gone, so that I know what I want to continue doing…
Every day, we begin our class by Examining the Scriptures.? This is the first of our group studies.
It’s like Daily Devotional, that includes a scripture and commentary on the scripture. After we read & discuss the scripture and comments, I have the kids copy down the scripture into their notebooks.? Once or twice a week, we discuss a Bible story, and they cut out pictures from Bible-based magazines to glue into their notebooks.

This year, I’m really pushing to include Nature Study. I really like the Outdoor Hour Challenges, and even purchased the E-book. We will do our Nature Walks on Mondays and Fridays, with discussions and art-work throughout the week.? I’m very excited about this add-on.? I say add-on, simply because, last year we only did it a few times during the spring. I feel that by having the challenges, it gives me a lesson plan to work from, and it feels like it’ll ‘take’ better.

We use the Wii for P.E.? The kids take turns on the Wii, while I’m working one-on-one with one of the others.

Monday and Tuesday is Art/ Picture Study.

Tuesday is American Sign Language. We tried this last year, and it got squeezed out by Library Day, so I’m putting it on a different day this year!? The kids are very interested in ASL, as am I.

Wednesday is the day we normally go to the library, so I’ve decided to make that our Music Study day. We will simply listen to the musicians on the CD player in the van. Killing two birds with one stone, right? Or as I like to say, “Birds and Stones, Birds & Stones! ”
Wednesday is also On The Watch! Wednesday – we make a point of discussing an article from either The Watchtower or Awake! magazine.

Thursday is Poetry. I have a collection of poems, and I’d like to have us take turns reading a poem. Just like that.? I can’t remember where I read that, but it just seems like reading a poem a week won’t kill anyone, and it may arouse some interest.? All we can do is try, right?

Friday is our Field Service day, so that takes up the morning. I count Field Service as Language Arts (public speaking, reading, writing, communication skills), Theocratic Studies, Nature Walk (walking territories), Community Service/Volunteer Work, Sociology.
I also count service on Saturdays, and the meetings.

For individual studies:
#1 Son
* Biology – Exploring Creation with Biology
* Language Arts – Write the Novel Way
* Language Arts? – Vocabulary (list is created based on unfamiliar words found in his reading.? Here’s a similar method.
* Literature – Here’s his list. He’s reading 11 novels this year. This doesn’t include his Bible reading.
* Family Sciences – He will learn the basics of cooking, as well as basic sewing skills.

* History – World Geography (Abeka) – 1st term / US History (Short Lessons in US History) – 2nd term

Flower Picker^

* History – US Geography (Trail Guide to US Geography)

* Grammar – Growing With Grammar Grade 3

* Spelling – All About Spelling/ McGuffey’s Speller

* Vocabulary – McGuffey’s Eclectic Spelling

* Science – Life Sciences (LearningPage.com) / Physical Science

*Math – Your Busines$ – Book Store

* History – US Geography (Trail Guide to US Geography)

* Grammar – Growing With Grammar Grade 2

* Spelling – McGuffey’s Speller / SpellingCity.com

* Vocabulary – McGuffey’s Eclectic Spelling

* Science – Life Science (LearningPage.com) / Physical Science

*Math – Your Busines$ – Pet Store

^ The girls have History & Science together, with Math and Language being handled one-on-one with me 😉

I’m sure I’ve left something off, and/or will change this as the year progresses, but I like how it looks now. 😀

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  1. I think you have a great schedule. I’ve been getting our nature studies done, math and our language arts are first priority this year. I’ll be adding more in Sept. Barb has always been good with nature study. You should enjoy her e-book. I haven’t seen it but knowing Barb and her work it is great. Hope you enjoy it and share with us what you do.

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