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I wonder if anyone’s still out there.? I’ve been such a horrible blogger lately!

My real life has taken some much needed adjustments, and I haven’t had time to really devote to my blog or crocheting either.

However, a few days ago, I found out a sister in our congregation also crochets.? She spotted my felted bag and asked if I made it or bought it.? It was so exciting to have someone ask me about something I made – I think that was the first time it happened in real life.

So, we’re going to be getting together soon to crochet and share and yadda yadda – 😀

I have started crocheting again!? I’m making a granny square blanket for R, and will make one for E soon after.? I’ve been planning these blankets forever, and instead of putting it off anymore, I decided a granny ghan would be the fastest way to go – I’ll just go for a fancy border to dress it all up, and voila!

I hope to be able to post more often (maybe not as often as I’d done before, but more often than once every few months!)

Till next time –

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  1. Thanks so much for your visit!
    I hope to keep it updated now – I’ve just visited your blog, and left some comments.

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