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So… like hibernating bears waking up from a long winter’s nap, the posse and I made our way outside yesterday.

We cleaned up the flower beds that had been buried in fallen leaves, and the carcass of last year’s plants.? Some of them are supposed to come back, but I’m not sure which, so I’m impatiently awaiting that prognosis.? Does anyone know if a hydrangea is perennial?? At least, I think it’s a Hydrangea.

I trimmed up my Azaleas and Gardenias, and pruned my rose bushes.? I have this unruly plant – I think it’s called a Bridal Wreath – it’s VERY pretty, and is growing all OVER the place!? I want it to wrap around the posts of our porch, but it had different ideas.? I cut back parts that were just refusing to obey my pleas, and I have the cuttings to a neighbor.

Today, we hit the veggie garden.? Sheesh – it was overgrown with weeds.? One was growing like a thorn bush.? As you can probably tell, I don’t know many plants/weeds by their names.? I would like to know more, but not a college professor’s amount.

Anyway, I got some great before, during, and after shots…

BEFORE: veggarden09 before

DURING: science-069science-070

AFTER:veg garden 09 after

We did a lot in just one hour!

And, we got our seedlings started inside today.

We planted:
beefsteak tomatoes
tomatosphere.com tomatoes (It read ‘Heinz Hybrid)
green peppers
watermelon (Sugartown – YUM!)
bush green beans

We planted these ‘first fruits’ in cut up toilet paper rolls. However, I must admit, when you don’t read all the instructions, you leave off important things, such as cutting slits into the bottoms to create a cup bottom.? Oh, Well!

The kids had a good time.? The best part for them seemed to be comparing the size of each seed, and how many go in each ‘pot’.? T was amazed that the cucumbers, (which had medium-sized seeds), were to have 6 seeds per pot, and yet the Dill, (which seeds are almost invisible), were to have 1 per pot!

We quickly ran out of TP holders, but we do have a large supply of newspapers, soo…. I’ve given Number One Son the task of creating some newspaper pots for us!

The Posse Head Honcho, (that’s DH *wink*), came home and gave us his “Looks Good” Seal of Approval for our accomplishments, so all’s good!

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