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I decided to write up what we did, (and what YOU can do), as a lesson on The Food Pyramid.


    food pyramid

Name the 5 food groups
– Each group has a different color, so we used 5 different colors of construction paper.

Categorize foods
Cut Pictures out of food magazines to clue on the correct color paper. We used the print-out from here.

Food Diary
Write down all the foods you eat each day for 5 days.
Give yourself a star each time you eat something from one of the food groups!

Try something New
Find a food from each food group that you’ve never eaten before! Don’t be scared!!

Scriptures about Members of the Food Groupsamazing!
MILK: Judges 4:19
MEAT: Deut. 12:15
FRUIT: Isa. 28:3,4
VEG: Num. 11:4,5
GRAINS: Lev. 2:4,5

Fun & Games
* Play – http://www.nutritionexplorations.org/kids/activities/littled.asp
* Read – My Food Pyramid by DK Publishing
Good Enough to Eat
Showdown at The Food Pyramid
* Cut-outs, Games & Activities – Ages 5 – 7, Ages 8 and up

We ended up with a mini-lapbook at the end of our lesson, and a better-trained eye when it comes to choosing our food selections.
The girls have turned into Food Nazis – making sure that each group is represented at each meal! I hope we continue to pay attention to our food intake!

your thoughts?