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So, with the strike of 3:00 on my German Grandfather Clock, comes the close of our first week of school!

All-in-all, it went well!? With the addition of Nature Study, Picture Study, Music Study and ASL, I was a bit apprehensive, but, it was unfounded.

Here’s a short overview:

Monday- Read that post here.

Tuesday –

Bible Study– We began reading “What Does God Require of Us?”? We’ve had this one for a while, but none of us had ever read it.

ASL: We reviewed the alphabet and then moved onto numbers 1-19. Is it possible to have rusty fingers? πŸ™‚

Still Art: this was so fun.? I grabbed a few rocks and a bottle of sand, placed it on my Bible, and we drew it from our own perspective.? It was amazing to see how each of my children expressed themselves in their interpretation!

Nature Study: We did an observation of the leaves we found the day before.? We compared them to the Leaf Identification chart I got from International Paper last year.? We discovered that we had 3 White Oak tree leaves and one mystery leaf.? We couldn’t find a match.? We drew, to the best of our ability, our leaves into our Nature Journal, and pasted them along side.
*Note: We are NOT an artistic bunch. We love art; we just don’t have the talent to draw as well as we would like.? I do hope by using that underused skill, that we may get up to Picasso level drawing by the end of the year. LOL*

Wednesday- Since this is our Library Day, I wasn’t sure how the new schedule was going to work, but…
Bible Study: We listened to Chapter 1 of “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” on CD.

Nature Study & Art: On our way home from the library, we saw 3 deer walk across the road.? Ha Ha – Nature Study just Leaped in front of us!? We got home, ate lunch, and then drew what we saw! The girls and I really enjoyed seeing nature… being nature! πŸ™‚


Bible Study: We read an account about a friend in Europe.

Music Study: We listened to Beethoven Symphony #7.? It was nice, because up until today, the only songs we’d heard by Beethoven were Symphony #5 and Ode to Joy.? We have a small, tiny collection of Classical CDs, so I scoured the internet. I found this.

Bible Study: Volunteered 3.5 hours today.
Listened to Chapters 2 – 6 of The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.

Music Study: We listened to ClassicsforKids’ broadcast about Beethoven. We all enjoyed this.? I liked that it was delivered in an entertaining way, and I don’t feel that the kids were bored.

Whew!? That, of course, didn’t include the Math, Science, and Language Arts, since those are the staples in education! πŸ™‚

Now, after I posted all that, I think it occurred to me, that I may not be handling this CM thing exactly right.? But, it felt pretty good to me, and the only complaints I’ve gotten, were from my youngest, who said, in her soft, squeaky voice, “Mommy, why can’t I do more grammar lessons today?!!

2 thoughts on “First Week – DONE!

  1. Sounds like a great first week. I guess you can’t complain about the complaint. hehehe Keep it up. Can’t wait to hear what you all do this week.

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