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Today was supposed to be a great day!

We were planning to make bird feeders using a simple idea found on the internet.? All it involved was pie pans, string, bird seed and a branch to hang it on.

The stringing part was fine.? Even having the girls tie knots on the string to secure them to the pan was fine.? Even having the girls pour the birdseed into the pans went without a hitch.

Now comes my part…? Find a branch and put the birdfeeders on them.? That’s it!

Well, when I went to pick up the first feeder, it promptly flipped over and spilled out onto the ground!? Thankfully, my youngest DD was very forgiving, and promptly refilled the pan.? I then hang her feeder on a tree.

Then, I go to pick up the second feeder.? I picked it up with bated breath – no problem!? I went to put it on the branch… splash!? There went the other feeder!? This time, my other DD came to my rescue!!? So, we re-loaded the feeder, and I hung it.
The branch wasn’t strong enough, so I relocated it to another branch.

Ah, finally. Success…


or so I thought.

After we had retreated back into the house… we looked out the window to see if we’d had any visitors yet.

Well, I could only see one feeder.? The other (the first one put up) was swinging in the breeze, with all the seeds on the ground.
A few moments later, that same feeder floated gently to the ground.



So much for the ‘you can make a simple bird feeder’ project.? We’re going to Lowe’s this weekend and buying a REAL bird feeder.

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