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WIM= Works in Mind… what I’d like to make!

I wanted a place to look back to, so, in December, I’ll scream about everything I didn’t do this year!

I posted this list on December 31, on one of my crochet lists. I’d like to check some things off:

a chocolate cake
a whole pie
1/2 dozen donuts
baked potato (gotta get creative here)
glass of coke & a milkshake
Ice Cream Cones
banana split
fruits & veggies

a few CPK sweaters
2 pair of CPK overalls
A Debbie-Ann CPK doll. (at least *one*)

(once I get my Crochet for Tots book)
a spring outfit (dress, whatever) for the girls
skull caps for Turner and the girls.
House slippers (sigh, it was on my to-do list, but it is HOT outside now!)
headbands for me and the girls

scrubbie pads
hand towels for the fridge – we need some BAD and I have all that cotton yarn already!

I think that’ll get me to August anyway!

Well, as of today, only one thing has been marked off my list.
I may make adjustments to the list as time goes on, like I added a shawl for mom, and I’m hoping to make something for DH for our anniversary, but I’m not sure what yet.
I guess I shouldn’t add to the list. At least not today.

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