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doing what Jackie does

I’ve sucessfully felted something!

I’ve tried felting before – on much smaller, insignificant things, but today was a breakthrough.

Remember yesterday, I posted about wanting to make a memo bag to felt? Well, I ended up going with my own pattern.

I didn’t care for the straps on the memo pattern, and so I ended up doing them as part of the body of the bag.

It’s drying right now! I’m too excited for the final version.

I so forgot to take a before picture! The whole time I was smiling at it, I said, “Ok – now take a picture!” I put it in the washer, but still said “Take that picture now!” When I realized that I’d already started the water – it was too late.

But that’s ok – cuz I’ll be making another one very soon.

I’ll be posting a pattern for it, too. I’ve started another bag – this one worked in rounds. I’m hoping for similar success 😉

your thoughts?