just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

Take a gander at my project watch!!!

I’m almost done!!!!!! I mean, wow… done!

I can actually look at my Summer WIM list without “worrying” that there’s something else taking priority! :dance:

I say that, and…
well, inspiration struck me and I had to give in! I have created food again. I thought it was food, but my “taste testers” called it “Pie” and “Cabbage Patch”, so, the jury is still out. 🙄
I don’t wanna say what it’s supposed to be. I’ll post a pic, and you can decide for yourself 😉

I’m also in the midst of designing another hat. I am really liking this design thing.
I don’t think I’ll be designing sweaters or gowns or anything, but that’s ok. I hope to at least get to design a skirt or two for my girlies.

your thoughts?