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Where have I been???

Well, the short answer is that I haven’t been crocheting much at all in the past few months!

I did, however, finally get around to crocheting some fancy fur on my girls’ flip-flops! They came out so cute, and the girls love them!

That was June 8. Then, today, believe it or not…

I finished my father’s ghan!!! :yay:


I’m now starting a lapghan for a friend in our congregation who is getting married soon! I’ll be using this pattern (scroll down past the knitting instructions). I’ve chosen some nice neutral colors that should go well with her decor.

I’m excited to be making something that has a deadline! This is the only project I’m officially working on right now, as I don’t want to burn out on ideas of projects.

Will that work? Who knows, but I need to try something!

2 thoughts on “Don’t send out a search party – I am here!!

  1. Link to pattern doesn’t work.

    REPLY – ACK!? I used the link on the pattern I had printed off eons ago (which goes to show that

    links change Fast and Often these days!)? I have updated the link, and it should be working now.

  2. HEY GIRL!!! Its Jessica from Louisiana, we met right before I moved to Kentucky! SOOOOOOOO much has happened since then. ANyway! I finally have FOUND YOU! I have tried emailing you a few times, and just dont know what goes on with that. I am thinking since my domains have been victimized by spammers perhaps your junk mail or the mail server thinks I am spamming ya ~
    Can’t wait to hear from you! Well Im hoping you get this so we can converse! =))
    So who’s getting married? Brian would probably know them if they have been around there for awhile.
    Well ta ta for now!! ~ Jessica
    P.S. I love all your crocheting. The food is the cutest!! =)

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