just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

I put my ‘everything’s been put on hold shawl’ on hold to make one for my Grandmother.
We call her Madea (just like the Tyler Perry character – that man is carazy! :rofl: )
Anyway – I have decided I need to do a bit of stash busting!
I say that as I recall sending off shipping $ to my cousin for the mega freecycle yarn she snagged for me.

I am banking that that yarn will be my gifts yarn!
I have a lot of afghans on my list, so hopefully 71 skeins will do it!
I’ve got the yarn for my girls’ ghans set aside.
(insert rambling thoughts about all the various yarns I will have to play with and then decide I don’t want to use it for ghan A or ghan B, but for ghan Z instead *eyeroll*)

Well, I have roughly 8 minutes of crocheting time before I snooze, so I’m outtie! 😉

your thoughts?