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doing what Jackie does

Ah, Wednesday. A day I used to not look forward to, but thanks to the ingeniousness that is WIP Wednesday, I have something to look forward to every hump day!

On this week’s edition, I am proud to say that my friend’s baby ghan is only 5 rounds away from completion!!
I plan to finish that up today, and get back to my Dad’s afghan.
Of course, I am dying to start a few new projects that have creeped into my head! 😉

Mainly – applejack hats!! They’re a throwback from the ’70s, and they’re back! They look like newsboy caps, with a little difference.
I think they’re totally groovy!!!!
Here’s a pic

… and the shrug bug has hit me! My first two, of course, will be for my darling daughters! I can see my Autumn WIM list is going to be HUGE 😆

Well, a few hours have passed since I started this post, and I had to give in to temptation and start my applejack hat!
I have a really neat dark teal yarn that I got in a huge lot from a flea market last month. The yarn has been yelling at me since I got it, and now it’s quieting down, since it’s going to good use. 😆

Oh – I just found out that I have a real yarn store!!! :yay:
It’s only open 3 days a week, so I must figure out a way to get over there ASAP! I can’t wait!!!!! I’m a little scared of the prices I may encounter, but given the fact that I may encounter a ton of new-to-me yarns… oh, it’s just … drool

your thoughts?