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I am so sorry!? I’ve been out of pocket the past few weeks, but I at least get to post that I’ve finished a baby blanket!!

Wahoo – it ‘s for a friend of my cousin.? She’s due next year sometime, and this baby’s been anxiously awaited!!? I don’t have a picture yet, but it came out really nice.? It’s super soft – I used 2 strands of simply soft (white & yellow), held together, so it’s nice and warm, too!

I used the pattern from Crochet Pattern Central. The pattern said I’d only need two 7 ounce skeins, but I ended up using maybe 10 ounces of each color.? It also took MUCH longer than 3 hours!!? My DH kept teasing me about the time it was taking.? He kept saying, “maybe it was 3 hours per day for a month!”? Well, it didn’t take quite that long, but maybe a week.

I like that the pattern was SUPER easy to remember, so it made the stitching go faster.

I’m working on the 2nd mitten for R’s mitten set.? I’m using purple Jiffy yarn.? It’s her favorite color.? I’m using Bev’s preschooler mittens pattern, which I used to make E’s mittens last year.? It works up fairly quickly, and they’re just as cute as can be!

I’m feeling the itch to make some ghans again.? Not “again”, as in more ghans.? I’ve only ever made 3… EVER!? I’ve started tons of them – have more than my share of afghan patterns, (and will probably inherit more before I actually make one!)
Remember my dad’s ghan from last year…

Daddy's Throw - July 2005
Well, a year-and-a-half later – it’s still not done!? I didn’t frog it, which is what I’ve been notorious for in my olden days, so there’s still hope that it will see completion. 😉
I’ll try to pick up the ghan this week, and see if I can finish it…? but don’t hold me to it, ok???

One thought on “Didja miss me???

  1. Jackie?? This is blowing my mind. This is Stacey Garcia from the Pineville congregation. I just kind of stumbled across your blog by googling something completely obscure looking for something else. And I thought…wow a crocheter in Pineville named Jackie. Hmmm…Jackie in our congregation crochets…wait…daughter names E and R. Nah. Couldn’t be. Click on the gallery. It is! It is! It is! Wow. Small world is all I can say. :o) I included a link to my gallery. I also have a stack of catalogs I have been meaning to give to you. One is my favourite place to buy yarn. Anyway…we will have to get together and go in service someday as well as get together and crochet/knit. I had a knit/crochet party back in the Spring and we had a fun time. I need to take a day off work and do it again. Where do ya’ll live in Pineville? I am sure I have taken enough of your time. I have really enjoyed reading your enthusiam on your blog. I keep a blog too, but all I have done recently is complain about my husband, so it wouldn’t be worth reading, LOL! I do keep bars on progress of things I am working on though and stuff like that. :o)

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