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I was watching an old episode of Knit & Crochet Today and there was an interview with Nikki Epstein.? She made the comment, “Knitting isn’t a hobby; it’s a skill!”

That rang bells for me.? It’s true.? Crocheting (and knitting) are skills.? You have to really work to hone those skills.? The more you hone, the better the finished products.
I’ve had this rant with friends in real life, but I think I should say it here, too…

Sometimes crochet is ugly!? Why do I say that?? I have concluded that there are pattern makers out there (think king of the jungle brand company), that cater to knitters, and throw in some crochet, just to give us a little bone.? BUT, the bones they throw often look like something hacked it up!? There is a certain pattern for a scarf… it’s modeled by some poor anorexic woman.? However, the scarf is HIDEOUSLY red and WIDE and therefore looks to be eating the wearer!!!? 😯 I think this was actually featured on What not to Crochet.

Knitters get nice cardigans, vests, tanks, and socks.? Crocheters get scarves that can kill you, hats that will swallow your head, socks that you can walk out into the snow and NOT get your feet wet in, and … oh yeah, more scarves!

Hello? Is this 1954? I think it really gets my dander up to see so much crochet potential lost at king-of-the-jungle company.? When I look at Interweave Crochet magazine, I see hope.? I see crochet.? I see… beauty.? Beautiful crochet!

I’m not knocking any other crochet magazines, because I’ve only ever seen IC.? I spend time on Ravelry looking at the new stuff posted.? Alot of beautiful crocheted patterns are being designed.? I thank those designers for helping to bring crochet up with the times.

OK, I think my soap-box is starting to cave in one side, so I’m stepping off now. 😛

One thought on “Crochet is NOT a hobby!

  1. Hi! I’m a sister in the Truth, from New Mexico and found your blog through Jessica. I love crocheting. I’m more of a knitter now but I still crochet once in awhile because it is a skill. I’ve made lots of vests, doillies and of course dishcloths and afghans. I actually have found that crocheting is like knitting, it’s all in the yarn you use so I’ve started buying different yarns to experiment.
    I love your patterns and your humor.
    Marilyn in NM

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