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Wow, wow, wow!? I had no idea what a podcast was until last week.

I received a copy of the new Crochet Me newsletter, and in it, they made mention of the fact that there was now a crochet podcast!

Well, the curiousity in me was intrigued, so I clicked.? And it was really cool. I’m not sure what I really expecting.? Well, honestly, I was afraid it’d be me listening to someone crocheting! :-D? Yanno, like “yarn over, insert in stitch, yarn over, pull up loop…”

Yawn!? But this was so not the case.? Jeanine, the hostess, talks about crochet-related things.? In the latest podcast, she told the story about making a throw for her couch.? ROFLMBO!? I can so relate.? I think she calls the segment, “Crochet gone bad” or something!? FUNNY!? Plus, she has some really great music!? These are not mainstream musicians, which is why she can play them, but you’d really enjoy it, I think.

She also discussed some vintage crochet magazines/patterns that she had.? While listening, I realized I had some vintage patterns that I hadn’t touched in a while.? So I grabbed ’em up and browsed them while listening.? I found a cute pattern for a tank top for my girlies, and started it that night.
I’m almost finished with it (I had to tweak it a bit, but it’s a fast working pattern!)? Yup, I’ll post a pic ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, you don’t need an I-pod or MP3 player to listen to podcasts, cuz I don’t have one.
I hope y’all decide to give it a listen!!

One thought on “Crochet-Cast!

  1. Woah, isn’t that a coincidence–I listened to that podcast also about 1 hour ago. I like episode 3. cooool! She has inspired me to do one with my craaaazy “foaming at the hook” issues, ha.

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