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Crochet Buffet – catchy name, but what does it mean?

Well, I have been a crocheter (off & on) for over 20 years. I returned to the hook sometime last year, when I started making wool cloth diaper covers for my 2 girls.

Soon after that – I decided to look into making play food for their kitchen (that we were giving them). I found a pattern book and that was all it took! I was making all kinds of food items… Pizza, Hamburgers, S’mores, Bacon & Eggs… you name It, I made it!!!

Havin' it MY way - Crochet! 1280

Soon, I started creating my own patterns, and had friends and family wanting to buy items for their kids. So, I wanted a catchy name for the items I was making to sell at auction.

Since it was crocheted food… food is what’s served at a buffet… Crochet Buffet! Cute, catchy & it rhymes!

I have since branched out and now make other items, but I will always have something “cooking” on my hook!