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DH surprised me today. He hates conforming to the “must show appreciation on this day of the month” thing, so he took today off, took me to lunch, and took me shopping at Hobby Lobby!
Now, you have to understand something – J in Hobby Lobby (or Michael’s or Hancock’s) is like me at, hmm, a golf tournament!

He’d rather have a root canal than go to a craft store.
He gets a bit woosy in the fabric dept of Walmart.
I think that’s why they put it right next to Automotives.
Yanno, like ‘in case of emergency, rush from fabrics to automotives’. 😆

Not only did he take me, but he actually helped pick some colors, and let me buy some of favorite yarn (Kool Wool) — granted, it was on clearance, but so what!!! He said “you can get all that, if you want!”
😮 😮
Part of me was thinking, “what’s the catch?”, but the other part of me said “who cares… it’s Yarn!!!!!!!!!”

So, it was a good day!
I even found some flip flops for my girls. They’re only $1.47/pair, so if you’re looking – hit Hobby Lobby! I was going to do the fun fur on them, but I’m scared of spending the $$$ to learn that I can’t work w/ that kind of yarn. I do have an idea of how I want to decorate them, so it’s all good. 😉

Attention, Attention!!!
The skirted Halter Tank is finished!
It took 2 weeks or so, but that’s just cuz I was only doing a row or two every few days, while riding in the car.

I used the pattern I purchased from Chelle and my favorite Simply Soft.
I haven’t tried it on my oldest DD, yet, but she’s excited to try it on.
She kept saying “Thank You” when I showed it to her in the truck 😆

I’ll post a pick of her posing!


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