just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

Been hitting Star Trek reruns pretty hard lately, but, alas I’m here.
AND, I have hook in hand!

I’ve been crocheting quite a bit lately. I made a pair of slippers for myself, and the three kiddies, some scarves for friends (as a means to eat up some stash, too!), and a few pair of fingerless gloves with this easy but awesome pattern (Knitters will think they’re knit – ask how I know!).

Speaking of knitting – I’ve been knitting, too! That’s right. Those of you who may have read my previous posts about my failure to knit, know that I eventually decided to give up. Well, just like Michael Jordan, Cher and Brett Favre, I didn’t mean QUIT, as in stop, I just meant, quit… for a while.
With help from a really sweet friend, I have actually learned (and retained) how to knit, purl and bind off! I have made a few dishcloths and a scarf! Wahoo!
You should see my Ravelry.com queue! It has a few knit patterns in there! I’m so excited that I conquered this ‘can I knit?’ beast.
Now, don’t ask me to use double-pointed needles or intarsia, but hey – I can knit to save my life!!

Here’s a link to some of my recent creations!

your thoughts?