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This week’s assigned Bible Reading was Genesis chapters 17-20.
After reading chapter 17, we started talking about how Jehovah changed Abram and Sarai’s names.? The girls didn’t quite understand the reason for the name change, so that lead to a conversation about the meaning of names.

I then looked up our names online to find the meanings of our names:

DD1’s name means Cutting Rival
DD2’s name means Rye Clearing and My God is an oath
DS’ name means Red Lathe Operator
DH’s name means He will add, Brave Boar, and Will, Desire, Helmet, Protection
My name means holder of the heel and Laurel

That was so fun!

So, today is On The Watch Wednesday –

Today we read the article in Feb 1 Watchtower about Abraham & Isaac, and the sacrifice he was asked to make.
That lead to a conversation about showing our faith, no matter what.? I explained that some parents have to make difficult decisions concerning their children, if they’re ever faced with a blood issue.
I really enjoyed the point about Abraham’s deed was a fore glean to Jesus being sent to die for us!
Even though my girls are only 7 & 5, they really seemed to follow and understand.

2 thoughts on “By any other name…

  1. one of the recent mags (can’t remember which right now) has an article on the meaning of names. Your kids might find that one interesting considering your recent discussion.

    We heard it in the van on mp3 which is why i don’t know which mag it is.

  2. I know that article!! I had actually read a small part of it during our discussion that day –
    We’re going to read the whole article next week for WW!

    Thanks for your comment – I love the idea of listening to the MP3 in the car! I’m going to have to try that 😉

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