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Ok, here I am, week 2 of working on my friend’s baby ghan. How far have I gotten?
Well – I have frogged the diagonal stitch version I started last week.
Then, I started working on a star ripple ghan pattern, but only after a few rows, it started to pucker! :hair:

I frogged a few rows a couple times, but after that, I read a few posts at Crochetville, that others have had the same ill-fated experience with the pattern.
So, I think I’m going to make her a nice baby granny ghan.

The one I made my Stepdaughter went over very well!
She was so glad to get something that wasn’t blue!
It took me a minute to understand why she was so excited, then I remembered back when I was pregnant with Emily.
I specifically requested NO Pink!
What did I receive? Nothing but pink!

Good thing the next baby was a girl, otherwise the mommy’s would’ve had alot to talk about seeing my son in tons o’ pink! 😆

your thoughts?