Did you know that World War 1 was started by accident? It’s true. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, while planned, didn’t turn out like the assassins hoped. In fact, when they tried to approach the car that was carrying the archduke and his wife, they were stopped.

The Archduke, angry about the attempt on his life, decided to change the route in which the car was going. That led to his assassination anyway. One of the assassins, Gavrilo Princip, was coming out of a cafe when the Archduke passed, giving Princip a perfect target. Even though he had little training, Princip succeeded in killing both the Archduke and his wife, although Princip wanted to kill the governor of Bosnia.

Now, while this event triggered the start of the first World War, blame cannot be placed all on Prinicp. Many Europeans had a romantic notion of war anyway. They saw it as beneficial, noble, and glorious- a notion that religious leaders went along with. So, it can be said that the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand didn’t actually start the idea of war, it cut the bands holding it back.

World War 1 was the deadliest war until World War 2. But, that war also gave a sign of Jesus’ rule beginning in heaven, and the Devil being cast out. (Rev. 12:9,12) While war is by no means a cause for joy, World War 1 and the events thereafter give us a sign of the times, and the joy of knowing that, soon, with Jesus as the King of God’s Kingdom, all wars will cease.