I’ve read many books in my 17 years, but never anything like Watership Down, by Richard Adams. At first, it was slow-going (the book is, after all, about rabbits). But I persevered, and found myself enjoying the book more and more.

It’s about a group of rabbits who, on the suggestion of a young buck who thinks something terrible will befall their warren, leave for a better life. Turns out they made a good choice, for they find out that their warren was raided soon after they left.

Really, though, I think that this is a story about surviving in a world different than what you’re used to. The characters, although animal, seem as human as any of us, and I love the way it was written. Some of the characters remind me of Animal Farm by George Orwell. Others remind me of how our society really operates, how some humans are power-hungry. Some parts seem symbolic, and others a mirror image of our world.

A classic in its own right, Watership Down is a wonderful read, and one I hope to read again soon. I highly recommend it.