No, I’m not going to talk about the year. I’m referring to the novel by George Orwell.

1984, written thirty-five years before the actual year, is a story about the hold that government has on people. True, many of the things employed by Big Brother in the story (telescreens, wiping people from existance) are not used in today’s government, there are many similarities.

What I found most interesting was the accuracy of the book. While all the characters, and, in fact, the whole novel is fictitious, the thought is not.? George Orwell hits the totalitatian government’s ways right on the nose.

As I was reading, I had the fear that the world described in 1984, might actually come. The truly scary part was the fact that Big Brother was so intent on controlling everything, he didn’t care what he did or who he vanquished in order to achieve that end. And the fact that that world didn’t sound to different from our own.

The world in which we live, governed by men who want to have power over others, is completely described in 1984. While the year has come and gone, the story lives on. No matter how bad things get, George Orwell’s haunting story will always show the true nature of our government.