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Well, I’m happy to report that the slippers that E requested are finished, and on the feet of the happy recipient as we speak (yeah, she’s sleeping in them!)

Wanna see…

winter0607/week3_001 winter0607/week3_002

I made this with Lion Brand Kool Wool and trimmed it out in, (I think), Walmart Brand fru-fru yarn. Fru-fru is my term for fuzzy, furry, silky yarn that isn’t Wool or just plain acrylic. 😉
Not only did I finish E’s slippers, in true R fashion, she requested a pair, too! So, I just finished hers about an hour ago, but can’t seem to locate my camera :hair:

Update: Camera located :yay: – it was on my desk (don’t ask!) :blush:
Here’s pic of R’s new slippers:


Oh, and I wanted to share with you a small peek into my other full-time hobby, scrapbooking.
I created covers for a few of my religious materials (and those of my family, too):

These are my attempts at Paper scrapbooking. I’m a digital scrapbooker, and I love it! If you’re interested, my scrapbooking gallery is here.

your thoughts?