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Well, I can’t believe how fast things in life happen.

The short story:

I was feeling fine last Tuesday – took the girls scrapbook, sewing and yarn shopping – fixed dinner and went to our weekly Ministry School meeting.

About 15 minutes before it was over, I was bent over in pain!? I was taken to the Emergency Room, and found out I had a benign tumor that HAD to be removed.? I spent
four days in the hospital and am slowly recovering at home.

I’ve been working on my friend’s gift off-and-on, but I’m going stir crazy in the house, so it’s very slow going.

I hate being ‘sick’ – *sigh*? Well, that’s my sad, short post for the day!

Tomorrow will be better!

3 thoughts on “Aw, Man!

  1. Hi Jackie! I was browsing for some cabbie crochet patterns and stumbled on to your site. We used to be in some of the same cabbie groups. Anyway…I am blown away by the outfit on your little #8 girl with the cute hat and flower trim. I was wondering if you would share the pattern? We have missed you at Vintage! Check in and say hi sometime!

  2. Jackie I hope all is well with you..I know how tumors are my mother is recovering from surgery also but it was on the breast. Results were negitive tho for cancer so Yippee for that. I seen you crochet album and wanted to comment and tell you I GOTTA just GOTTA have the chicken nuggets one..OMG I’m so jeausouls. I wanna learn how to crochet and thought that might be simple to start with. I just get so excited when I see you food stuff. Any chance you will post patterns? My prayers to you and your family,

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