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Our history study this month has been Art History.

We started with the Italian Renaissance.

Last week, we were looking through a book of famous Paintings, including the
Mona Lisa and the Sistine Chapel painting.

Inadvertently, while looking at the Sistine chapel painting, I realized there were
several biblical inaccuracies depicted there. So, we found them and looked up
the accurate scriptural accounts.
I also explained how many religions look at that painting and believe it’s depiction
instead of the Bible.

Anyway, that lead us into the fact that Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel
while laying on his back, (for FOUR years!!)

So, I decided to let the girls try painting on their backs.

They’re painted what they think paradise will look like.

Michelangelo Painting 1Michelangelo Painting 2

Oh, since they’re so short, I had to tape paper to the underside of two
dining room chairs instead of my original plan to use the underside of a table.

Here’s the results of their hard work –


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